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This blog was created in 2016 to show how exploring the unknown by yourself helps people grow. I'm based in Berlin where I build and lead a marketing agency. After almost 10 years experience in public relations, marketing, social media and brand management, I left the standard corporate world to follow my passion.

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Let's talk numbers (status 11/13/2018)

My main channels are the blog itself, Instagram and Twitter and since March 2016, my audience - very keen on traveling - has grown considerably.

Monthly blog views: 1,000
Monthly unique user: 550
Instagram followers: 2,360
Twitter followers: 1,250
Facebook followers: 302
Pinerest monthly views: 4,500

Press / Features 

We Are Travel Girls 72 hours in Ireland (350k followers)
Darkk Horse Travel Interview
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Travel Photo Award, photo of Miami Beach, FL
Travel Photo Award, photo of Paris, FR
Travel Photo Award, photo of Death Valley, CA

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I offer collaborations, sponsored posts or advertising on Life of Fairytales.

Additionally I lead a creative agency.

Let's talk about how I can help you: claudia@lifeoffairytales.com