Welcome to my blog!

I'm glad you are here and interested in my life of fairytales. My name is Claudia Graf and LIFE OF FAIRYTALES is my blog. I started it in March 2016 after a 6 weeks solo adventure in California. I couldn't get over all my super cool experiences and beautiful photos and I needed to share everything with the world. Additionally, I had decided to change my life a bit during my road trip on the coast of California and that was what I did when I got back to Berlin. I got a new job and started this blog.

To get straight to the point, I'm not the kind of traveler who feel the pressure to visit every country in the world. I don't count countries or cities. I travel for the experiences, to meet new people and to learn about their cultures. I do all that as a solo traveler - in life and on vacation. 

Now and then, I also travel with friends or my sister, but I really love solo traveling and most of all stories you find on my blog, are solo adventures. My itinerary is only completed when I'm back home. On time to share it on my blog in an easy way, like the Boston travel guide:

I've been writing and doing creative stuff my whole life. Before college, I wanted to become a journalist, but I developed myself more in public relations and marketing. I love creating fascination stories, brands and campaigns. You wanna work with me? Head over to my Work With Me page.

Thanks again for being here!

xoxo, Claudia

p.s.: I'd be super happy to connect with you on my social media channels too!