I won a travel photo award


Hello fairies! Today I want to share some really good news with you. It's about my work as a travel photographer. It's crazy but it's true. I won in the Travel Photo Awards contest this month. As you can imagine, I am really proud of this honor. Here is my photo which won the award. I took it while driving and walking around in the Death Valley National Park.

The story to the photo is: 

This photo was taken at Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America. A sign on the adjacent mountain in front of the pool proclaims it to have an elevation of -282 feet. When I arrived at the Badwater pool, a rainstorm had just flood the valley bottom and covered the salt flats with a thin sheet of standing water. The view was truly amazing. I've never seen anything like that or so much salt ;-)

You can find more photos of my Death Valley experience --> here.

About the Travel Photo Awards: 

"Travel Photo Awards is an international contest for travel photography. We look for photographers who combine stunning quality and style of imagery. Recent work of our members intended to provide an ongoing inspiration and also a snapshot of the most innovative photographic work being produced in the Travel photography world."