My favorite travel souvenirs


Hi fairies! I've been back home since the end of June and of course I miss traveling because traveling means no day is like the other, everyday means exploring new things, sights and views. For me the reason that I take so many photographs and write this blog is to preserve these happy memories, so certainly my photos are my favorite souvenirs. But there are some things that I brought home from different vacations and today I want to share five souvenirs of my trip through California in January and February this year. 

1. My Santa Barbara bracelet

It was  at the end of my road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I had just finished Big Sur the other day and I stayed for one night in Santa Barbara. The day was full of sunshine and joy and after sunbathing on the beach I entered a small boutique on the pier where I found this pink-yellow-gold bracelet.


2. My Malibu sleep mask

And again I shopped on the pier, this time in Malibu. I think it was on one of my first days in Malibu. I was so impressed by the landscape and I wanted to buy some things at this special place. The sleep mask looks very cool, don't you think? I love it and I use it at home and of course when I am on the plane.


3. My "urgent urgent" lip balm from Death Valley

This lip balm was a great help when I arrived in Death Valley. It was truly a "lip emergency". I had forgotten my lip balm in Las Vegas and my lips were dry and hurting but there was no CVS or anything in the desert. I was more than happy when I saw my little friend in the hotel shop.


4. My favorite CVS Shampoo

This is amongst the things I most miss about America. So I had to take a pair of shampoo and conditioner with me to Berlin. Its true love and my hair is very thankful. But there is awesome news. A few days ago I read in an article that they will start selling this shampoo in Germany. I hope that this is true and I keep my fingers crossed.


5. My Venice Beach sun hat

The sun hat. In my opinion every girl should have at least one sun hat. Mine is from the Venice Beach Boardwalk and so it feels like there is a little bit of Venice Beach in my apartment or sometimes on my head.

So fairies, what kind of souvenirs do you have at home? Do you buy souvenirs? I would love to read about your opinions and stories!